Florida fugitive wanted for manslaughter arrested in northern Michigan

Florida fugitive wanted for manslaughter arrested in northern Michigan

A woman wanted out of Florida for the death of her newborn baby, was found and arrested here in northern Michigan last week.

Brittany Harris, 24, was arrested at the Goodwill Inn by Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Deputies on November 27.

She's wanted in Polk County, Florida for aggravated manslaughter of a child.

According to court documents, the crime happened in May.

Reports say Harris admitted to being blackout drunk the night she left her 2-month-old with a sitter while she went to a strip club.

"Harris on the night of May 27, 2017 purchased a 750 milliliter bottle of Captain Morgan and began drinking while on her way to a strip club named Lollipops in Hudson, Florida," the report says.

When she got home, investigators say Harris continued to drink and got into bed with the baby.

A witness reportedly found Harris in the bed with the baby and saw her right leg on top of the baby's head and also told investigators the baby was wrapped tight in the blanket from the bed.

"She placed Xzayla's head between her legs and ultimately suffocated her. She also placed a blanket tightly around the body of Xzayla while being trapped between her legs," the report says.

"We don't have any reason to believe that she committed any crimes in our area while she was here and it's unknown at this time exactly how long she may have been here or why she fled to northern Michigan," Capt. Randy Fewless of the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Department, said. "Obviously she is staying at the Goodwill Inn, she didn't have a lot of good contacts in the area, so exactly why she came here is not known."

A toxicology report revealed that Harris also had methamphetamine and cocaine in her system just hours after the baby's death.

Harris remains in the Grand Traverse County Jail.

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