Flu shuts down multiple northern Michigan schools

Manton Schools and three other schools closed Friday due to the flu.

WEXFORD COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- With more than 700 students out sick four school districts closed this week.

Mesick, Manton, Lake City and Cadillac area schools were closed Friday due to the flu.

At Manton Schools, nearly 25 percent of the student body was out of school Thursday due to the illness.

Len Morrow, the superintendent of Manton Schools, said they closed to sanitize and let the illness run its course.

"Went room to room sanitized everything you know, desks, doorknobs surfaces, all things that we could grab so we can try to clean," Morrow said.

Robin Walicki from District Health Department No. 10 said they've seen an increase in the number of flu cases and want parents to know the symptoms before they get worse.

"Influenza is a respiratory virus so it spreads by people coughing or sneezing those droplets out," Walicki said. "We're hearing about body aches, and coughing, and the usual congestion stuffy nose sneezing."

Walicki said the health department high recommends parents their children vaccinated.

She said as of December, 20 percent of children within 10 counties in the district had received the flu vaccination.

"Even if your child is sick we would still recommend the flu shot be a consideration," Walicki said. "If they have not vaccinated because of the fact that if they have influenza A they could recover and get influenza A."

She also recommends if your child has flu symptoms have them stay home from school and contact your pediatrician if symptoms get worse.

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