Following up with Felix: Viewer donations humble thankful teen

You may remember Nolan is the 17-year old from Buckley who without hesitation, decided to cover the cost of an abandoned kitten's vet care.

WEXFORD COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Nolan Hansen didn’t watch his story on TV last week. When I asked him why, his response was typical-Nolan. “I don't like seeing myself on film" humbly laughed Nolan.

You may remember Nolan is the 17-year old from Buckley who without hesitation, decided to cover the cost of an abandoned kitten's vet care. Hours after he meet the injured kitten, Nolan assumed the responsibility of paying $2000 for an emergency amputation of a severely broken leg. To cover that cost, Nolan drained his savings account, and took a loan from his Grandfather. Nolan didn’t watch the story, but as it turns out, an awful lot of you folks did.

"The first night it aired, I got a call from Bay Area Pet Hospital and they were telling me they were getting phone calls wanting to donate and Pahl's Pumpkin Patch was getting calls, so I thought we need somewhere they can go where it's easy for them to go and donate, because that's what they wanted to do," recalls Nolan of the minutes that followed last Friday’s airing during of this story during our 6 p.m. broadcast. He was overwhelmed by your response so he set up a Go Fund Me page in hopes that his phone, the one at the pumpkin patch and the one at the vets would stop ringing. They did, because everyone started clicking online to donate.

"I was surprised that it kept going up. I thought it would just kind of dwindle down after $2000, but it just kept going up and up and up" says Nolan. And Nolan wasn't the only one at his house surprised by your generosity. "My sister actually was sitting on the couch with her Chromebook and she just kept hitting the refresh button, and kept updating everybody" says Nolan.

By Sunday, the Go-Fund Me reached $5870, way more than enough to cover Felix's costs. You may remember Nolan saving's account before his Felix decision was going to help him pay for some veterinary classes at college next fall. Many of you donated and commented (after he had already hit the $2000 goal) that Nolan should use the extra money to further his education. So, he has decided that's exactly what he is going to do. "I think it makes a big difference, that's money that I wouldn't have to take out in a loan" explains Nolan.

Nolan doesn't see the decision he made to save Felix as anything out of the ordinary. As he puts it, "I still think it was just something normal that I did."

But he thinks what you did when you heard about his decision was extraordinary. When given a chance to address our viewers who donated, Nolan sincerely said "I would like to say thank you for all their generosity and it really makes a difference to know that somebody out there cares.”

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