For Sale: 5000 pound "man cave" accessory?

It certainly is a cool door. But the challenge for any buyer is that it's also incredibly heavy.

EAST JORDAN, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Sandra and Chris Nelson are in the middle of a major transformation. The owners of BC Pizza’s East Jordan location are on the move. They’re transforming a former bank building into a new home for their restaurant. The new space will allow them to add some special touches to what they can offer customers. But, their new space also has one issue that they would like to address now.

Standing in what will soon be the restaurant’s kitchen, Sandra looks at the bank’s vault door and says "We knew right away it had to go. The bank vault door is not a huge necessity for the pizza place to have."

So, Sandra decided to try and sell the vault’s door. "We have had a lot of interest, I am assuming it is not people wanting to put it in a bank. It's the guys who probably would think it would be a cool security room shelter door, possibly a cool man cave door. I am assuming it's a guy thing for sure" says Sandra.

It certainly is a cool door. But the challenge for any buyer is that it's also incredibly heavy. Sandra says, "We have looked up a vault door of this brand and it's running about 5000 pounds." It’s 2 and half tons of heavy metal as well as some things you just don't find in most doors. Sandra explains "from what I understand of the door, it has a lot of technical features as in you need air when you do get shut in there so there is not an emergency of running out of air and it has all the clock of timing of the combination."

To the right person, this door makes a lot of sense. But if that right person isn't found before it's time to make the first pizza here, Sandra says she has plan for that as well. "If we got stuck with the door and couldn't sell it in time, yes we were going to just kind of chain it back so that nobody decides to shut anybody in the vault" says Sandra.

So how much are they asking for the 5000-pound door? Sandra has it listed online for $1000. She says they hope to open the new BC Pizza location in November, which means it either needs to sell fast or it may become a more permanent feature in the East Jordan pizza scene.

To learn more about the vault or to contact Sandra click here.

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