Four dogs from Kingsley rescue ready for foster homes

Cherryland Humane Society said four of the dogs rescued from a Kingsley home on Monday are ready for foster homes.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- The Cherryland Humane Society has reached a small milestone with some of the animals rescued from a Grand Traverse County home.

19 dogs and 13 cats were rescued from a now-condemned home near Kingsley on Monday and now Cherryland is accepting foster applications for four of the dogs.

Sir Thomas, Sir Arthur, Lady Jane and Lady Edith are likely to be the first animals from the group to be fostered.

Cherryland said that all of the animal have made great progress in their week there.

"It was taking it slow with them, making them know we're their friends, letting them come us. They also needed some veterinary care," said Tia Barbera, an animal behaviorist. "As long as the vet cleared them and they were socializing with us, as long as they weren't fearful, we want to get them into a foster or foster-to-adopt home so they can continue to grow and develop."

Cherryland prefers foster-to-adopt applicants.

They said that several foster application have already been submitted.


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