Friends of teen injured in apparent murder-suicide organize softball fundraisers


Friends of 18-year-old Amedy Dewey say she is continuing to stay in good spirits while recovering in the hospital, but still has a long road ahead of her.

Amedy's mom, Lisa Somers, and step-dad, David Somers, were found dead inside an SUV on I-96 almost two weeks ago.

Amedy was also in the vehicle and suffered serious gunshot wounds.

We're told she does not have any brain damage, but will need reconstructive surgery on her left eye socket and upper jaw.

Her friends tell us she was able to speak for the first time on Saturday, and that she also tried walking a little.

The friends are now organizing two softball tournaments in honor of Lisa and to raise money for Amedy's recovery.

There will be a coed tournament on April 28 and 29 at the Kaleva ball fields. It costs $150 per team.

On May 5 there will be an all women's tournament at the same location. That costs $200 per team.

For more information on the coed tournament call Jr Theodore at (231) 299-5944 or Devon Nelson at (231) 590-4148.

For more information on the women's tournament call Taylor at (231) 239-1433 or Ashley at (231) 690-3921.

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