Girlfriend of murder suspect testifies in court

Girlfriend of murder suspect testifies in court

Some tense moments in a Grand Traverse County courtroom Tuesday, as witnesses in an open murder case testified, including the suspect's girlfriend.

23-year-old Dallas Walker is accused of murdering his 48-year-old neighbor.

Chris Kleehammer was found dead in his home on September 20.

The doctor who performed the autopsy on Kleehammer says the cause of death was head trauma by homicide.

On Tuesday, investigators testified that they found Kleehammer face down on the floor of the home, and discovered several bloody footprints inside.

A search conducted at Walker's home turned up a pair of shorts that were found in a trash bag with blood on them, as well as a sandal that matched another sandal found in a couch in Kleehammer's home.

Walker's father called 911 that day and told Central Dispatch that his "son did it" and that "he told his girlfriend he killed him."

The caller identified his son as Dallas Walker, according to the Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office.

Walker's girlfriend, Amanda Anderson told the court today that Walker admitted to her that morning that he, "thought he had killed Chris."

As to a motive, Anderson had trouble recalling what she told detectives the day of the alleged crime.

Grand Traverse County Prosecutor, Bob Cooney, questioned Anderson about her original story to detectives, which he says included Walker being concerned about his father's drinking problems having a negative impact on his parent's marriage.

"Did Dallas ever tell you that he was concerned about Chris allowing his dad to consume alcohol at his house," Cooney asked.

"No," Anderson replied. "Dallas knows that his dad is in control of himself and whether or not Chris gave him alcohol doesn't mean anything."

"So if you told that to Detective (inaudible), and it was recorded on tape, that would be not true," Cooney questioned.

"Dallas was worried about his father having a place to go, it was not Chris per se," Anderson said.

Anderson later said that Walker told her that Kleehammer tried to remove his pants.

Kleehammer's brother also testified Tuesday, saying that his brother did not have any homosexual tendencies that he was aware of.

Another investigator who went to the hospital with Walker said he noticed redness on Walker's hands and elbows, saying there appeared to be some swelling and bruising.

The case was bound over to circuit court. A not guilty plea for the open murder charge was entered on Walker's behalf.

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