Glen Lake teachers voice frustrations with contract negotiations

Dozens of Glen Lake teachers voiced their frustrations about their contracts during the Board of Education Monday night.

LEELANAU COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Glen Lake teachers were able to voice their frustrations about their contracts during a board of education meeting Monday.

Dozens of member of the Glen Lake Federations of Teachers stood up together during the meeting to read a joint statement expressing their concerns over the negotiation process and low teacher morale.

They said the board's latest recommendation requires more time without appropriate compensation.

Dozens of parents also spoke out in support of the teachers.

" We are hopeful that we can reach a conclusion where the teachers that they are not going backwards in pay," said Jennifer Gretzmacher with the Glen Lake Federation of Teachers. "Anytime there are extra duties added to our plate or extra time requirements are added to our plate, our salary essentially goes down. It is more time away from our families. It is more time away from our students and we want to make sure the board understands that when those additional things are added on, there is a cost associated with those."

The board addressed the crowd saying they don't typically comment on ongoing contract negotiations but they do appreciate their teachers.

The board also voted six to one on a new five-year contract for superintendent Sander Scott.

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