Great time to get out & enjoy the weather


Great day to get outside and enjoy the weather. Lots of sunshine. The chance for rain is small, but not zero. There could be a stray shower popping up this afternoon and this evening around northern Michigan. Wind will be light...5-15 mph...and the direction will vary. You could feel a breeze off the lakes this afternoon and evening. Highs today 75-85 degrees.

Tonight will be partly cloudy...with a chance for a few spots of rain. Light, if any, wind. Lows overnight will be in the 55 to 65 degree range.

Saturday will be sunny most of the time. Look for patchy AM fog...a few passing clouds...and maybe a shower popping up in just a few towns during the day. Most of us stay dry. Wind will be mainly from the north 5-15 mph. Highs 78 to 85 degrees.

Saturday night may feel humid to you. Lows 55 to 65 degrees. Little wind. Mostly clear sky.

Sunday will be another good time to get outside. Plenty of sunshine...just a few passing clouds. A little warmer than Saturday...all the highs should get into the 80s around the region. Light wind.

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