Group hopes community passes bond to help school district

The current elementary school building has housed students since 1936, and is in need of repairs.

WEXFORD COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Groups in the Mesick community are pushing for a millage to be passed on the November ballot that will help schools and students in the area.

This is the third time around for the proposal. The superintendent of Mesick Consolidated Schools, Scott Akom says the 4.8 mills bond proposal would generate $13,700,000 and cost a person living in a $65,000 home around 43 cents a day.

Akom says it would allow the district to combine elementary students with junior and high school students in the same building, create more classrooms, and better insure school safety and security.

The current elementary school building has housed students since 1936 and is in need of repairs.

“We have secure entrances now but we could always make them more secure, that would be one of our plans for that, to make sure people are buzzed into the office and not just buzzed into the school district," Akom explained. "And with technology, with the new economy everything, our world is coming to with the world wide web, we want our students to have one-to-one technology to compete in the new economy."

"We say in Mesick, that we want our kids to learn locally and compete globally, and this will help us do that," the superintendent continued.

A group called Mesick Community Roots will hold a rally Thursday night to educate people on the bond initiative.

It starts at 6 p.m. at Ellen’s Corners Community Center in Mesick.

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