GT commissioners consider animal control millage

GT commissioners consider animal control millage

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- The Grand Traverse County Commission will hold a meeting Wednesday night and one topic on the agenda could impact taxpayers.

Commissioners will discuss whether to pursue a millage to help fund the Grand Traverse County Animal Control Department.

If the millage is approved, taxpayers with a taxable value of just over $80,000 could end up paying $2.49 per year.

In January commissioners voted to approve animal control's $280,000 budget, which will cover hiring new officers and upgrade vehicles.

$150,000 of that budget will come from the county's general fund and the rest will come from revenue brought in by dog licenses and other fees.

“Right now we had a one-time find of some money in our budget so that we were able to give animal control some more support, but in 2018 that runs out,” said Cheryl Gore Follette, Grand traverse County Commissioner. “All I can say to anybody is that nobody likes to pay taxes. I don't like to pay taxes either. I also don't like to see animals tied up in the winter with no food, animals left in hot cars. I don't like to see that.”

No final decision will be made Wednesday night, but commissioners will discuss if they would like to move forward putting the millage on the August ballot.

If commissioners decide to move forward they would have to vote on it by May 15th.

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