Guitar amps up sex appeal according to study

According to a new study, a man holding a guitar (not even playing it!) is more 'dateable' than someone holding a gym bag.

Do you think musicians are hot? According to a new study, a man holding a guitar (not even playing it!) is more 'dateable' than someone holding a gym bag.

The study by

Nicolas Guéguen

of the Universite' de Bretagne-Sud, France is published in this month's

Psychology of Music


Researchers asked a 20 year-old man to approach 300 women between the ages of 18 and 22. The women were all approached along streets in a shopping district in medium-sized city in France.

In all cases the same 'script' was used, introducing himself, complimenting the woman, asking for her phone number and an offer to meet for a drink later. The only difference was what the man was holding when he carried out the assignment. He was either empty-handed, carrying a sports bag, or a guitar case.

It seems the guitar did amp up the chances of a phone number and date.

31-percent of the women approached in the study, gave their phone number when the man was holding a guitar case. 14-percent gave out their phone number when the man was empty-handed, and it appears a sports bag doesn't do much in the dating scene, only nine percent gave out their phone number to the man at that time.

Noted by Nicolas Guéguen in the study, "playing music may perhaps be interpreted by women as a personal trait related to intelligence, hard work levels, or physical abilities."

Dr. Ann Marie Love, a Psychologist in Traverse City weighed in on the dating study. She also offered up some dating tips for those searching for love.

"The researcher said perhaps women saw a man with a guitar case as proof of intelligence. I think it presents the idea that the man has creativity and women are generally drawn to men who are musicians, writers and poets," said Dr. Love.

"I think what viewers can learn from this is that whether meeting someone in person or online, giving someone an idea of one of your interests sparks more interest. So if you are a creative person, mention it in your online profile or mention your creative interests when you meet someone. Also, I know a lot of people who are fed up with online dating because people often advertise themselves dishonestly as having qualities or interests they do not have. If you wish you were someone who exercises regularly, say you are "looking for a partner who is also seeking a healthier lifestyle" rather than saying you are healthy and fit when you are not. And if you really, really hate musicals and opera, please say so. Women can find a female friend to go to those events--but if you pretend you love it, you will be dragged to see "Oklahoma" again and again and again!"

Dr. Love also said it's important to be yourself so you can find someone who likes the real you.

"Another frequent complaint I hear is that people are unhappy dating someone with an incompatible energy level," explained Dr. Love. "A self-proclaimed couch potato will be more successful if they admit they are "laid back" or "like to stay home." Similarly, people who have the energy to run at 6 am and are still up for adventure at 10 pm will be more successful if they admit they are looking for someone with "zest for living" or a high energy level."

Do you think guitarists make better dates? What about musicians in general? Let the debate begin!

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