Hundreds attend job fair hoping to fill positions at Grayling's Arauco plant

Hundreds attend job fair hoping to fill positions at Grayling's Arauco plant

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- It's the largest particle-board plant in the world, and it's opening up in Crawford County later this year.

Now, Arauco is looking to hire qualified employees, to help run that Grayling facility.

On Wednesday, the company held a job fair to start hiring for the 200 positions they need to fill by March.

The facility is expected to be up and running in August.

“We are a highly automated facility," said Arauco Human Resources manager Linda Damer. "So we are looking for individuals who have that strong maintenance mechanic aptitude who cannot only work on the production line but also help maintain their equipment."

From the technicians to human resources and sales, they're starting from the ground up.

“One of these things does not come around every day,” said Collin Hoffmeyer, business services coordinator for Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium. “This is huge for Grayling, huge for the entire northeast region. We have people here from all over the region. From Roscommon, Saint Ignace, as far over as Alpena. It's a great opportunity.”

More than 100 people showed up within the first hour of the day long fair, saying you don't let opportunities like this slip by.

“They are new, they have many facilities, they're a big corporation, they're upcoming and look for great opportunities,” said Anthony Wegner, a Sterling resident.

Others say this will benefit all of northern Michigan, beyond just who is hired during this job fair.

“It puts northern Michigan back on the map as far as opportunity,” said Hoffmeyer. “The career opportunities of Arauco are life-changing not only for the individual but for the families as well. It goes well towards our overall goal of bringing people back to Michigan and also keeping people to live work and play here.”

The job fair will continue Thursday from 12 to 7 p.m. at the Grayling Township Hall.

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