'I'm just glad its over,' students and families react to CMU shooting

Families were reunited at the Comfort Inn in Mt. Pleasant.

ISABELLA COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Parents of Central Michigan University students gathered at a hotel near campus after a shooting on campus.

Friday morning two people were killed on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall on the CMU campus.

Parents waited at the Comfort Inn for updates and their children.

Tracey Beverly, mother of a CMU, said “You turn on the news and hear another kids doing this and this and you never thought it would happen here.”

Some parents were able to get in contact with their son or daughter while the campus was on lockdown.

“She called and said that there were shots fired,” Emily Taylor, sister of a CMU student, “It was stressful, it was really scary.”

Students were reunited with their families around 2:30 p.m., many were brought by bus to the hotel.

“She wasn’t scared but then she kept getting more information and then she kept getting more scared,” Steve Willey, father of a student said.

Many say it's something they never expected.

“its very odd its nothing usual especially here at CMU," Madison Padilla, sister of a student, said. "CMU is known to be a safe place and something like this shouldn’t change that.”

Although it was a long day parents and students say while it's an unfortunate event, they are happy to be with family.

“It was so scary, like oh my god, you never know what your going to do or how your going to react," Student Keara Borum said. "I'm just glad its over.”

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