Injured Ludington veteran receives life-changing surgery

According to his Aunt, Monday morning Eric received a call from doctors telling him he could receive surgery within the next 24 hours.

MASON COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- After years of waiting, a Mason County veteran is undergoing double arm transplant surgery.

In 2012, United States Army National Guard Sergeant Eric Lund lost both of his arms above the elbow, after an IED explosion hit his convoy in Afghanistan. He received two purple hearts.

On Monday morning, Eric received a call from doctors telling him he could get the surgery within the next 24 hours. Four hours later, he was on a plane going to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Eric’s surgery began Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. and was expected to last until Wednesday at 1:30 a.m. Staff told the family that it is well choreographed and everyone is doing his or her part. According to Eric’s family, there are about 30 people working on him.

“He takes everything in strides, which is why I think he’s been so successful which is why I know this is going to be successful,” said his mother, Laura Lund.

Eric has experienced countless surgeries and therapy sessions over the last five years.

Two years ago, the Ludington community came together to build a special home for him.

“There’s been so many people that have helped Eric along the way and come to our support us, this is there is their journey too,” said Eric’s aunt, Melissa Bogg. “We’ve walked a long journey but we’ve walked it with our community and our family and our friends."

Eric's new home was made possible through the Helping a Hero Organization.

The home includes special technology that has helped Eric for the last several years, upgrades that his mother and aunt said will also be helpful for him through his next journey.

“He’s starting over again he’s going from being independent, he won’t be able to use his arms now, he won’t be able to use his prosthetics now, but the journey starts again,” Boggs said. “It’s going to be slow, but he knows there's hope and he knows what’s at the end of this.”

Laura Lund said Eric may be in the ICU for at least four weeks.

The family thanks everyone in the community, including the generous donor and his family, for their support and prayers.

“The angels we’ve been seeing along the way are remarkable," said Laura Lund. "There are people we run into that seem to over extend themselves just to make Eric’s life better and ours."

Eric and his family will now find an apartment near the hospital for three to four months for daily treatments and therapy.

It could take more than two years to see complete results.

The family said if anyone would like to send Eric mail they can reach him at the hospital:

John Hopkins Hospital

Eric Lund

1800 Orleans Street

Zayed, 9 East

Baltimore, MD 21287

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