Jury seated in Knysz trial

Eric Knysz was in a Mason County courtroom for jury selection Tuesday. He's accused of killing a Michigan State Police trooper.


he jury has been seated for the trial of Eric Knysz, the man accused of shooting Michigan State Police Trooper Paul Butterfield back in September.

After nine hours, the pool of nearly 100 potential jurors was whittled down to the 14.

Most of the candidates were asked their thoughts about law enforcement, how much they've heard about the case from the media, and what they know about the legal process.


leven women and three men were chosen

, which

includes two alternates.

Tuesday after the jury was selected, the court approved a motion that would not require Tammi Spofford, mother of the accused, to testify against her son. Spofford was subpoenaed last week to testify against her son. Now the prosecutor says it is unlikely she will testify.

Sarah Knysz

, wife of the accused, is expected to testify during the trial.


he pleaded guilty for her involvement in the murder

agreed to testify against Eric as part of a plea deal.

Knysz faces five charges in Mason County, including murder of a police officer, felony firearms, carrying a concealed weapon, auto theft, and being a second time offender.

The trial is
scheduled to carry on into next week.

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