K9 training: Puppies walking the beat with the big dogs

K9 Bary and K9 Ryker rest after training in Osceola County.

Two puppies are learning the ropes of police work from two veteran K9 officers in Osceola County.

The two rookie K9's, Ryker and Chase, are in training with their handlers and are also getting some help from their older counterparts.

K9 Chase is a 5-month-old Dutch Shepherd being trained by Sgt. Mark Moore. K9 Ryker a 9-week-old Dutch Shepherd is being trained by Deputy Jed Avery.

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office purchased the dogs with the help of fundraisers and donations throughout the past eight years. The department is saving money by training the dogs as puppies.

The two older K9 officers will be retiring next year so they are helping get their replacements up to speed.

Deputy Avery has worked alongside 10-year-old K9 Bary for more than 8 years. K9 Bary is helping get K9 Ryker acclimated on the job, starting with getting used to being in the patrol cars.

"We are doing more than police training, everything is new to them," explained Deputy Avery. "Every noise and obstacle is so new to them, so we are desensitizing them to the environment. They pick up quite a bit by just watching the other dogs."

K9 Bary is a dual purpose explosive dog, but both of the new K9's will be trained in narcotics detection.

Sgt. Moore trained his first police dog, K9 Justice, a narcotics detection dog, who will be eleven years old this year.

Sgt. Moore works nights with K9 Justice and the new trainee K9 Chase.
With K9 Ryker also being trained as a narcotics dog, the Osceola County Sheriff's Office will be able to have 24-hour K9 coverage for narcotics.

The goal is to have the puppies trained for the beat by 9-months-old. Along with individual work, the puppies train in a larger group twice a month.

If you want to see training updates you can follow two of the K9 cops on their own twitter accounts: K9 Ryker Twitter and K9 Bary Twitter,

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