Kalkaska Village Treasurer's suspension extended, residents outraged

Kalkaska Village Treasurer's suspension extended, residents outraged

KALKASKA COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Dozens of Kalkaska residents packed Thursday night’s special village council meeting with deep concerns.

The meeting was called to talk about an audit done on the village's finances and the suspension of Village Treasurer Jennifer Standerfer.

Back in December, Standerfer raised concerns about the village officials' credit card spending and lack of receipts.

Standerfer says about $1,000 spent by Police Lt. Glenn Artress and Village Manager Scott Yost was unaccounted for, so she turned off the village credit cards.

When Yost and Village President Jeff Sieting requested that she turn the cards back on, she declined, so they suspended her position for insubordination.

An audit was done but nothing significant was found, except some receipts which the council says they will review.

“Number one it's not a matter of whether she did or didn't do her job at this point,” said Kalkaska Village President Jeff Sieting. “It's really a matter of like I said in the beginning, a matter of insubordination of refusing a direct order from her superior. My decision to suspend was made strictly on insubordination and nothing more. There was no other part of the equation played into that just purely insubordination.”

The village council voted to keep Standerfer on paid administrative leave during her indefinite suspension.

According to Sieting a board will soon review options of what to do about Standerfer's position, those options will be put together by the village attorney.

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