Karl Hartman warned about violating exclusion zones on bond

    Karl Hartman warned about violating exclusion zones while on bond. (WPBN/Brittney Buti)

    GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- A former middle school teacher charged with criminal sexual conduct has been given a warning about violating bond requirements.

    Karl Hartman is accused of passing through an exclusion zone in Fife Lake, going within 500 yards of an alleged victim's home.

    In court today, the judge looked over a map that shows a track of Hartman's GPS tether.

    The defense attorney explained Hartman went to dinner with his family and then dropped off a friend on that side of town, but never stopped in the exclusion zone.

    Although the prosecutor wanted the bond to be increased, the judge decided to warn Hartman saying he is not allowed in Fife Lake at all, and if he has any other violations his bond will be raised.

    "The importance of no contact in the exclusion zones is to provide the victims with some comfort," said Noelle Moeggenberg, Grand Traverse County Prosecutor. "We know that he [Hartman] reached out to at least one of the victims prior to being arrested and being placed on bond, so we don't want them [the alleged victims] to feel any extra pressures on top of what they're already going through."

    A preliminary exam was adjourned today because we're told there is still another police report to be turned in, as well as more witness interviews.

    Hartman is expected back in court March 14th.

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