Keep an eye on Thursday night


Wednesday night will be foggy and drizzly. Overnight lows will be above freezing for just about everyone in northern Michigan. The range will be 32 to 42 degrees. Wind from the south will gust between 5 to 15 mph.

Thursday will be an unusually warm day. Highs will be 40 to 50 degrees. A wind from the south will bring warm air to us. Gusts to 20 mph are expected. It'll be a cloudy day with passing rain showers. Plus, the melting snow is putting moisture into the atmosphere so look for patches of dense fog.

Big changes will come Thursday night. The wind will increase and change directions. Gusts to 25 mph will be common and higher gusts are possible along the Great Lakes. More important might be the wind direction. As it turns from the south the "warm direction" to the north the "cold direction" temperatures will tumble. Look for 40s around 6 p.m. Thursday and teens by sunrise Friday. Rain showers in the early evening will change to a mix of freezing rain with icy roads to just snow showers. Totals won't be high but any new ice or snow on the roads will cause slower traffic.

Friday we get the sun back and it'll be peeking through the clouds, but it will be 25 to 30 degrees colder than Thursday. Highs on Friday will be 10 to 22 degrees.

Saturday and Sunday will be partly sunny with some stray snow showers mostly in lake effect areas. Highs from around 5 to up 18 degrees around the region.

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