Kingsley practice field vandalized

This photo was taken at Kingsley's football practice field on Monday morning, when staff discovered deep divots from tires throughout the south end of the field.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Staff members at Kingsley High School returned to the building on Monday to discover vandalism on their football practice field.

Tire tracks, nearly a foot deep, were left on the field from a vehicle that drove onto the field and did donuts over the weekend.

The divots were filled in with topsoil by Kingsley's facilities staff on Monday, allowing the football team to maintain its normal practice schedule.

"It’s unfortunate," Kingsley Athletic Director Mitch Miggenburg. "Our facilities crew does a very nice job with all of our fields, our practice fields and our game fields. It’s something we’re extremely proud of here at Kingsley, so it’s definitely disappointing to see somebody sort of take away from that.”

At this point, Kingsley and the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office have not identified any suspects.

Kingsley staff would like to remind everyone that there are plenty of off-road vehicle trails near the high school that make for a much better ride than the practice field.

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