Lara Trump urges Michiganders to 'work hard, knock doors and vote Republican'

Lara Trump at rally for Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate John James.PNG

President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law swooped through Michigan on Tuesday to rally and fundraise for Republican candidates up and down the ballot in November.

Lara Trump stopped in Jackson and spoke to a room of roughly 350-400 people who were decked out in John James for Senate attire, Trump garb, or both. The event lasted under an hour, but the message was clear the entire time.

“Work hard, knock doors and make sure you vote Republican,” Lara Trump said.

The message was hit multiple times and Trump herself took the opportunity in front of clear supporters of the President to paint a hypothetical picture.

“If the Democrats take control of the House and Senate it will mean disaster for this country,” she said, which drew applause and cheers from the crowd.

The President’s daughter-in-law also said she believes the midterm election cycle is like 2016, "And everyone remembers the night of Nov. 8," she said.

“They[Democrats] think there is going to be a blue wave, come on,” she said. “We flipped Michigan from blue to red last time.”

Trump told the room while this midterm election might not "be as exciting as a Presidential race," it’s important. She urged everyone to vote and encourage others to vote as well. Trump claimed future successes for the country could be in jeopardy and said James would help push forward President Trump’s agenda.

“It could be a real problem if the Democrats win,” Lara Trump said. “We need John James as our next U.S. Senator.”

When the GOP Senate candidate took the stage, he stuck with this messaging of pointing long-time Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow as ineffective.

“It’s time to retire,” he said.

James touted his military experience, which was popular among the crowd Tuesday night, and said he would have their backs if elected.

“If you have my six on Nov. 6, I’ll have your six for the next six years,” James said, referring to the military colloquialism meaning , "I've got your back."

The Detroit-businessman also hit the importance of turning out on election day, adding to the same message Lara Trump brought earlier in the evening.

“I’m just one vote and if this enthusiasm stays bottled up in this room she’s [Sen. Stabenow] going to be our senator again,” James said.

Lara Trump was in Birmingham on Tuesday afternoon at a fundraiser with GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette, who is polling behind Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

Schuette garnered the President’s endorsement during the Republican primary, but this was the first event he was at with a Trump family member in Michigan.

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