Lawmaker questions Consumers Energy bills

State Representative Gary Glenn is questioning recent Consumers Energy bills.

MICHIGAN (WPBN/WGTU) -- At the State Capitol Tuesday a lawmaker is making good on a promise to look into high energy bills across the state.

During a special hearing Tuesday morning, Consumers Energy told lawmakers the energy hikes are due to a longer billing cycle and colder temperatures.

But House Energy Chairman Gary Glenn isn't buying it. He said ratepayers are seeing errors in their bills.

"The questions we want to know is which ones are errors and which ones aren't," Glenn said. "I think the public service commissions, which are technical experts, ought to be far more aggressive in their role of looking out for the people of Michigan, not in the best interest of the utilities."

Katie Carey from Consumers Energy said, "We saw much, much colder winter in the month of December than we have in the past decade. In fact, I believe we had at least eight days that were below freezing temperatures that lent itself to furnaces running longer and more energy usage being consumed."

Customers with concerns about paying their energy bills should call 2-1-1 to see what assistance is available. If customers would like their meter tested for accuracy, they should call Consumers Energy at 1-800-477-5050.

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