Leland Public Schools upgrades security system

Jason Stowe, superintendent of Leland Public Schools, shows off the new buzz-in system.

LEELANAU COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- In the week following the deadly mass shooting in Florida, schools are being urged to upgrade their security systems.

Leland Public Schools in Leelanau County is taking their security to the next level.

The front door of Leland Public Schools during school hours, before not screening, just a sign directing all visitors to check in at the front office.

But now, things have changed with a new security buzz-in system.

"This is our new buzz-in system, so this is directly linked to our front office," Jason Stowe, superintendent of Leland Public Schools said. "So if somebody wants to come in all they have to do is hit a button and it will make a sound inside the front office. Our secretary will greet them and ask them what their plans are here at Leland public school and it will open that door right there."

As soon as class is in session, all the doors are locked and visitors must buzz-in.

"Making this wasn't really that hard of a decision when it came about after Parkland," Stowe said. "We realize that we need to make sure that we up our game just a little bit, making sure that buzzing and things that you can do, limiting access to your school building during the school day."

The school has also added more security cameras and plan to move the main office to the front of the building to improve security.

The school has also been using door locks known as the boot system to keep intruders out of classrooms.

Faculty and parents met Tuesday night to talk about these security changes and have a more in-depth discussion.

"We're just concerned and they want to know that we are doing our due diligence to make the school safe as possible," Stowe said. "We have talked to several students and they feel safe but at the same time, they feel the pain when a school in Florida has a tragedy like this because we know that this could happen any place in the United States."

The school is also considering putting shatter-proof glass in their schools to up security.

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