Local college prepares students for bright future in solar energy

Solar panel at Northwestern Michigan College Aero Park campus in Traverse City.

Northwestern Michigan College is offering solar training classes in October for solar training month at the NMC Aero Park campus in Traverse City.

Bill Queen with NMC Extended Education said the classes will vary from introduction classes to certificates and associate's degree courses.

Queen said the Solar Energy Industries Association estimated 1 in 230 new jobs created nationally are solar jobs.

With the growth of the solar energy industry Queen said NMC sees the value in offering classes that will prepare people for careers in that field.

"It's a global industry, growing leaps and bounds all over the world," said Queen.

Queen and Dan Goodchild, Construction Technology Program Coordinator, said students will have hands on experience learning the basics of solar energy and how it works.

They will also teach students how to help people find out if their home can support a solar energy system and advanced classes will teach people how to install those systems.

"We've grown from continuing education community based training programs all the way into associates degree programs," said Queen.

Find more information about the solar energy classes at NMC



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