Look out for ice on the roads Friday morning


A lot going on today. Temperatures will fall dramatically, as much as 30 degrees overnight. Most of the precipitation this evening will be rain, but as the temperatures fall you could see the rain change over to sleet then to snow. Snow totals will be light, but roads will turn icy as temperatures fall. Look out for the melted snow from this afternoon and the rainwater to freeze. Winds will increase and turn to the north. Look for gusts to 30 mph. Lows will be in the 6 to 22 degree range.

Friday's high temperatures will be 10 to 25 degrees with most of the highs around northern Michigan in the teen. In the morning there will be clouds and some scattered snow but in the afternoon the snow will be gone, and you could see some sunshine through the clouds. Wind will gust to 30 mph from the north.

Friday night will bring a few stray snow showers. Lows from 10 below to 10 above. Wind gusts from the north up to 20 mph.

Saturday will be cloudy near Lake Michigan, where you could see some lake effect snow. East of I-75 you'll see plenty of sunshine. Highs from 4 to 18 degrees. Wind 5-15 mph.

Sunday, west of I-75 will see some snow showers. If you're east of I-75, you will see a partly sunny sky. Highs 12 to 22 degrees. Wind 5-15 mph.

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