Marion, Evart Schools closed Friday because of flooding

    Marion, Evart Schools closed Friday because of flooding.

    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Marion Public Schools will be closed Friday, March 15th.

    School leaders say the Junior/Senior high building is flooded, so school will be closed Friday district-wide.

    There's water inside the sophomore and senior hallways as well as the janitor's room.

    The district says they aren't sure how the water got inside.

    Danyel Prielipp, the principal at Marion Junior Senior High School says she got a call about the water before softball practice.

    She called the Superintendent and the custodian and they decided to close school Friday for safety reasons.

    "There's just too many issues that can go on. Even if we can get it cleaned up in time, can't guarantee that it's not gonna be a little damp. We don't want any of the kids falling. We don't want any mishaps happening in the school," said Prielipp.

    Servpro will be at the school Friday to clean up the water.

    Prielipp says they hope to have the schools back up and running on Monday.

    Evart Schools will also be closed because the roads nearby are flooded.

    Warm temperatures this week have led to melting show and flood concerns across northern Michigan.

    Stay with 7&4 News for any updates on weather conditions across the region.

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