Middle school students shine light on opioid crisis

Middle school students shine light on opioid crisis

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- A teacher at Traverse City East Middle School has had four former students die of an opioid overdose in the last year.

Now Jody Mackey and her yearbook class are bringing awareness to the opioid crisis with a documentary.

The video "Predator & Prey: Opioids' savage effect on our community," tells the story of former students who have lost their battle to drug addiction.

It recently played at a charity hockey game honoring Alex Grizzel.

Mackey said she hopes the alarming facts and heartbreaking stories shine some light on just how dangerous and common addiction really is.

"We just want parents and kids to understand that there isn't really any good use for an opioid prescription or pills at a party, just don't do it," Mackey said.

The video already more than 3,500 views on Youtube.

You can watch the video here.

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