Military ring found in bottle return

A Kingsley woman is trying to find the owner of a lost ring she found last week.

A Kingsley woman is trying to find the owner of a lost ring she found last week.

"If I lost a ring like this I would hope that someone, whoever found it would return it to me or put it on Facebook like Ricky did for me," says Northland employee Marie Schaub.

Marie Schaub was about to leave work last Friday at the Northland Food and Family Center when she stopped by the bottle return area to grab some plastic bags to reuse.

â??I came in to get some copies made and when I left I seen some bags that looked good heavy and so i grabbed two bags this one and a black garbage bag,â?? says Schaub.

What Marie didn't know was the green patient hospital bag held a special treasure.

She opened it up dumped it out and found this ring.

â??I thought it was a bottle top and I went to pick it up and it was a ring, so I called back to the store right away let them know what it was,â?? says Schaub.

The ring was a U.S. Marine Corps ring labeled Tun Tavern 1775 on one side and on the other is Iwo Jima.

Marie went to her friend who took pictures of the ring and posted it on Facebook.

It received more than 4,000 shares.

The owner at Coin & Collectibles had the chance to examine the ring.

â??Well actually my son was in the corps and bought a ring very similar to this and I think he paid somewhere around 100 bucks for it,â?? says Owner of Coin & Collectibles David Croad. â??As far as an age would go itâ??s hard to say you know, it could have been 70's maybe 80's would be a guess, it might even be into the 90s,â?? says Croad.

Croad says the U.S. Marine Corps doesn't give these rings out.

"This would be something typically that the military person or here, corps men would have purchased as a memento of being in the service,â?? says Croad.

And that makes it virtually impossible to track down the owner unless someone recognizes it.

â??I hope the family or the owner of this ring gets it back ah that's all I want to see,â?? says Schaub.

If you or someone you know has lost this ring, you will be able to pick it up at the Northland grocery store in Kingsley or call (231)-263-5671.

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