Missing Sutton's Bay dog found after 7 days without food or shelter

Missing Sutton's Bay dog found, after 7 days without food or shelter

LEELANAU COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- After being missing for seven days, Grizzly the sled dog from Suttons Bay was found on Wednesday laying in the snow off of a steep cliff in his owner’s backyard.

Grizzly’s owner, Sarah Kelson, was searching for Grizzly on her property when she decided to get a hiking rope and repel down the cliff behind her home.

That’s when Kelson saw Grizzly, nearly 100 feet down the cliff, laying in the snow.

Grizzly had been missing since last Wednesday, when he was outside with Kelson's other dog and ran away.

Once Kelson saw Grizzly, she posted on Facebook that she needed help getting him back up the cliff.

Several people in the community showed up to help bring Grizzly home.

“I thought he was dead when I first saw him,” said Sarah Kelson, Grizzly’s owner. “I went down there and he lifted his head up and he was licking me and he was shaking. I didn't know if he was injured because he wasn't moving his back end. He just means so much to me. I was a lost without him. So I'm just so happy that he's back. Very grateful to everyone who helped, really there's no words to thank them.”

Grizzly was immediately taken to the veterinary hospital where he took a few tests, including blood work and x-rays.

Grizzly has no broken bones and all of his test came back normal, but he is suffering from arthritis and sore muscles.

Kelson says she will take Grizzly home to help him regain his strength.

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