"Motion Picture Only" money passed in Boyne City

Police are warning business owners to look at the bills that come in in Boyne City (file photo).

CHARLEVOIX COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Fake money was reportedly passed at a business in Charlevoix County.

According to a post from the City of Boyne City, a business owner found a "Motion Picture Only" $10 bill in their register on Sunday, April 1.

The person at the register said the money felt funny but didn't notice the bill was fake until later.

The business owner believes the bill could have been used anytime during the day or two before.

According to Boyne City Police, someone could have passed the bill unintentionally if they had gotten it somewhere else and not noticed it was fake.

This is the Boyne City Police Department's second report of fake money being passed.

Motion picture money has many differences to real bills, illustrated in the diagram below.

The fake bills are also slightly smaller than a normal bill, police said.

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