UPDATE: Search suspended for staged armed robbery suspect

MSP searching for staged armed robbery suspect in Buckley.

Wexford County, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- UPDATE: The search has been suspended until authorities in Emmet County can authorize warrants.

Michigan State Police had information that two suspects were in the Buckley area but warrants were not issued in time.

Had they received arrest warrants troopers said they would have continued the search.


Police are searching Wexford County for a woman allegedly involved in a staged armed robbery.

Michigan State Police Troopers and K-9s are in the Buckley area looking for the woman who is a suspect in the Thursday, June 7 staged armed robbery in Petoskey.

Police from all over the area swarmed downtown Petoskey that afternoon, searching for an armed man wearing a hoodie, who was said to have just robbed a doctor's office.

After interviewing the secretary who originally called police, it became clear to them something wasn't right.

She ended up admitting to being in on the theft and handing over more than one thousand dollars in cash to her accomplice.

Officials are still working on arrest warrants for the two suspects believed to be involved in the staged armed robbery.

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