MSP warns of impacts of prostitution in northern Michigan communities

Michigan State Police is warning the public about the impacts of prostitution in northern Michigan communities after dozens of men were arrested in the summer in an prostitution sting operation.

MICHIGAN (WPBN/WGTU) -- Michigan State Police Troopers are continuing to remind communities across the state about the dangers of prostitution.

This comes after dozens of men were arrested in connection to multiple prostitution rings in northern Michigan.

Investigators said the 34 men were arrested in August after Michigan State Police and multi-jurisdictional task force teams joined with participating sheriff's offices and city police departments to conduct enforcement operations across 19 northern Michigan counties.

MSP said 73 total criminal counts have been levied, with 70 of the criminal counts evenly split between solicitation for prostitution and using a computer to commit a crime.

According to Special Lieutenant Travis House, the third and final phase in September only netted two arrests.

MSP said many prostitutes are addicted to opioids and find themselves in the kind of desperate situation that leads to human trafficking.

House said while some of the charges resulting from these cases may be reduced as they're adjudicated, the negative publicity the arrestees experience has its own deterring effect.

Community members are encouraged to report any suspicious activity potentially related to prostitution, human trafficking, opioid abuse or any other crime to their local MSP post.

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