MSU staff shares feeling on Engler during emergency senate meeting

MSU staff shares feeling on Engler during emergency senate meeting

EAST LANSING, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Staff and faculty packed an emergency faculty senate meeting at Michigan State University.

On Tuesday, MSU faculty and staff approved a vote of no confidence in the MSU Board of Trustees.

This move shows the MSU faculty has lost trust in the Board of Trustee's governing abilities.

Faculty members feel the board didn't listen to their input and now they are calling for change during the Larry Nassar Crisis.

"This is our community. This is our university. It is time to reclaim MSU."

The emergency meeting was held just two weeks after the Board of Trustees decided to appoint former Michigan governor John Engler as interim President of MSU.

Some faculty members said MSU's president needs to be a compassionate healer.

"The board's choice is none of these. We do not need a leader that will fix us. We need a principled healer."

During the emergency meeting, there were some faculty members signaling support for Engler.

"President Engler has many talents including the financial and budgeting experience to ensure MSU will be able to meet the legitimate claims of these brave women and girls against the university so their healing process can progress uninterrupted."

Others said this vote of no confidence isn't about Engler at all, but about the Board's selection process.

One MSU staff member said the faculty told the board who they wanted as the next president.

Some wanted a woman with a track record of mitigating sexual harassment.

The next day, the board made their decision to appoint Engler and faculty members learned of the selection through the media, which they say is tone deaf.

"The parents of the state expect us to do a good job. We can't do a good job if we don't have control of our president or who's gonna become president."

"The trust that has been broken with them cannot be repaired, it cannot be recovered. They must be removed."

There will be a new discussion among faculty members while they move forward with no confidence in the board.

The conversation will likely include calling on the board to resign.

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