Munson unveils 3D mammography machine

Munson unveils 3D mammography machine

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Munson Medical Center is unveiling its newest addition to mammography technology.

3D tomography is now available at Munson Medical Center's Smith Family Breast Health Center.

The technology gives radiologists better imagery of breast tissue, helping to detect and diagnose breast disease.

The hospital’s medical director for breast imaging, Charles Weitz M.D., says the 3D technology will increase detection of small breast cancers as much as 30 percent and reduce calling back patients up to 40 percent.

“It's very exciting. I think that it's probably in my career, going to be one of the biggest developments in screening mammography that we've had,” said Dr. Weitz. “There are certainly other techniques that we use to look at breast tissue, but I think from a mammographic standpoint this will be one of our biggest leaps in technology.”

3D mammograms are available for all patients, but the technology is most ideal for patients with a strong family history of breast cancer or patients with dense breast tissue.

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