Need some rain, got a good chance

Photo Courtesy: Karen Cockrell/ Traverse City

It's been a nice run of warm, sunny weather...but we could use some rain. Here's our chance.

Today turns cloudy. A spot or two of rain is possible today...the higher chance is tonight. Highs 75 to 82 degrees in the Upper Peninsula...and 82 to 90 degrees in the Lower. Wind mainly from the south 5-15 mph with some gusts to 20 mph this afternoon along Lake Michigan.

Tonight...cloudy, warm, humid...and showery. Rain will move thru the region...hopefully you get your share. With the rain there will be thunder and lightning. The chance of rain is smaller in the early evening...but rises thru the night. Lows mostly in the 60s...that's a warm night for us. Plus, you will feel the humidity. Wind from the south 5-15 mph...but gusting higher near the rain.

Friday we have another good chance for showers. Could rain at any time...but it won't rain on you all day...just look for occasional passing showers. And listen for the thunder. Highs...78 to 88 degrees around northern Michigan. Wind southwest 5-15 mph.

Saturday and Sunday will be partly sunny and humid. Highs...80s Saturday...82 to 92 on Sunday. Most of us stay dry...but there will be those pop-up type showers and thunderstorms in the PM in the Lower Peninsula.

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