New details emerge in alleged murder case

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New details in a Crawford County case involving a man accused of murdering his former girlfriend of 30 years.

John OConnor is charged with open murder in the death of 46-year-old Michelle Kukulski last December.

OConnor was back in court Friday, where family members testified about the days after Kukulski went missing.

Larry Farley had been dating Kukulski for about seven months.

Friday Farley testified that he last saw her on Thursday December 7, when she left to go to OConnor's home to pick something up.

He worried when he didn't hear from her after that.

"I mean we were in a serious relationship," Farley said in court. "I didn't know if she was injured, hurt, or whatever."

OConnor and Kukulski's son, Christopher Kukulski, testified that he had concerns his father was involved with his mother's disappearance.

The two had a conversation after OConnor was arrested.

"The first time I visited him in jail, I can't remember the date, he told me he was sorry and he hurt a lot of people and he couldn't remember what happened. He just remembered he got angry and hit her and he didn't mean anything to happen," Christopher said.

When OConnor was first brought in for questioning, investigators say he claimed Kukulski's death was an accident.

He told sheriff's deputies he took her body to a wooded area in Rose City.

But when they found Kukulski's body, her injuries didn't match up to OConnor's original story.

"He then explained to use that he had snapped," said John Klepadlo, of the Crawford County Sheriff's Department. "And that he had used a can of yams to hit Michelle over the head multiple times and then when she fell to the ground he thought he may have hit her several more times in the head. This incident occurred in his garage.

Late Friday afternoon a district court judge took the case under advisement and said that will be making a decision on whether or not to send the case to circuit court. He will be announcing his decision through a written response.

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