New legislation for terminally ill patients

New legislation for terminally ill patients

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WPBN/WGTU) -- President Trump is calling on Congress to pass a new bill that would open up the door for some people to have access to medical treatments.

The legislation is called the "Right to Try" bill and would allow terminally ill patients to have access to experimental treatments.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Seema Verma and Senator Debbie Stabenow agree drug price hikes are out of control.

"We still have way too many people, way too many seniors that are cutting pills in half or only taking them every other day because the costs continue to skyrocket," said Sen. Stabenow. "Actually, the federal government can do something about it."

"That has been a major initiative for us. One of the things we have already done is we knew there were hospitals out there that were purchasing these drugs at a lower cost, but they weren't passing on these discounts to seniors," said Verma. "We have put a stop to that."

Verma says one of President Trump's greatest priorities is to lower prescription drug prices.

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