No charges for woman who stabbed grandson after being abused

The Wexford County Prosecutor has decided not to seek charges against the 82-year-old woman who stabbed her grandson.

The Wexford County Prosecutor has announced he will not seek criminal charges against the 82-year-old woman who admitted to stabbing her 32-year-old grandson.

The incident happened on Friday at the home on Plette Road in Cadillac. Reports show 82-year-old Frances Pearl Glendenning, was being verbally and physically abused by her grandson, Gregory Ray Miller Jr.

Reports indicate Miller ignored Glendenning's request to stop drinking while in her home and refused to leave after being ordered to do so.

Glendenning then stabbed Miller in the stomach with a kitchen knife.

"The fact that Frances Pearl Glendenning, is an 82-year-old grandmother who has to use a walker to ambulate [move], and was protecting herself from being accosted in her own home, coupled with supporting corroborative evidence" was all considered in the decision by the Prosecutor.

Miller is still in the hospital being treated for his injuries.

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