Non profit celebrates paying off mortgage with ceremonial burn

Non profit celebrates paying off mortgage with ceremonial burn

Inland Seas Education Association celebrated a huge milestone Thursday night; paying off their mortgage!

The non-profit organization purchased their building in Suttons Bay around 2003 and just recently paid off the $900 thousand mortgage.

On Thursday they invited the community out to help them celebrate with a ceremonial burn.

A few years ago, Inland Seas launched a campaign to renovate the building.

Part of the plan was to first pay off the mortgage, and thanks to the massive community support over the years, they met the goal ahead of schedule.

"I think anybody that does something meaningful, that type of work, they want to know that it's going to be something that continues beyond them and I think to me that's the biggest key," said Fred Sitkins, Executive Director of Inland Seas. "That we have now taken a really important step to remove a major debt from an organization so we can focus on the work we do. Working with students and improving the water quality of our great lakes. We want to focus on that, not on paying a mortgage payment."

Inland Seas plans to start phase one of renovations in the spring.

Those include adding dorm space for out-of-town students, new siding on the building, windows and doors, and the addition of solar energy.

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