Northern Michigan fire department receives life-saving device

The Elmwood Township Fire & Rescue now have a new device, LUCAS 3, that will help administer chest compressions to anyone suffering from cardiac arrest.

LEELANAU COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- One northern Michigan fire department is utilizing new technology to help you if you ever find yourself in cardiac arrest.

Elmwood Township Fire and Rescue recently received a new Lucas 3 device, thanks to a generous donation from an Elmwood Township resident.

The device is designed to deliver high quality and consistent chest compressions to people in cardiac arrest.

Using the device helps free up EMS provides which helps to get the patient the quickest and most efficient care.

"We've seen more of these mechanical CPR devices placed in the field," said Elmwood Township Fire & Rescue Fire Chief Keith Tampa In my experience, we've seen more return of circulation in patients being able to make us more effective and efficient on scene and providing efficient CPR, continuous, ongoing, efficient CPR while freeing up our hands to do other activities to continue to move the patient to definitive care."

According to the fire department, the device greatly increases the patient's chance of survival.

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