Northern Michigan residents weigh in on meteor experience

Credit: @z_lawler

A bright flash and a loud rumble.

People all across the state are still talking about the meteor that flew through Michigan's sky Tuesday night.

"The fact that I saw something fall from space, that's pretty wild to think about," said 7&4's Savannah Fish who saw the meteor in the Mount Pleasant Area.

"It was like a blue brightness, it lit it up," said Doran Black of Harrietta who saw the flash of light while he was in Saline.

Dr. Jerry Dobek a professor of astronomy at Northwestern Michigan College, says anyone who had the chance to see the meteor should consider themselves lucky!

"There's literally thousands of pounds of dust and stuff that's coming from space landing on us, but seeing a large particle like that and a bright light is a bit of rarity," said Dr. Dobek.

The meteor could be seen just after 8 pm, causing people to take to social media immediately after looking for answers.

"All of a sudden I just saw this huge burst of white light that lit up the sky and I looked over to my left and I literally saw this fireball falling from the sky and then a huge boom," Fish said.

Others saw and heard the impact.

"After the light I heard a rumbling that lasted roughly five seconds," Black said. I stopped walking and listened to it and then it just went away."

Experts believe the meteor caused a 2.0 magnitude earthquake in the area of New Haven.

Dr. Dobek says it's very possible it left something behind.

"So something that caused an earthquake like that, the noise of the sonic boom of it exploding probably would not cause the earthquake so obviously something probably struck the ground."

While Dr. Dobek believes most of it exploded in the atmosphere he says anything that could have made it to the ground could be anywhere from the size of a baseball to a basketball.

"One big kind of a rock or iron type of rock material," said Dr. Dobek. "How far it's embedded in the ground is a good question."

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