Nub's Nob celebrates 60 years of operation

Nub's Nob celebrates 60 years of operation

EMMET COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- This season is a special one for Nub's Nob Ski Area in Emmet County as they will be celebrating 60 years of operation. What started as just a handful of runs in 1957, has since turned into 53 runs, turning Nub's Nob into a popular northern Michigan destination.

“Everything at Nub's Nob is about snow," said General Manager Ben Doornbos. "We're truly a day ski area, which means we don’t have lodging or any of the other stuff so we need to rely on having an excellent product, so most of our time and energy is spent on snow making.”

Doornbos says snow making is their strong suit. Nub's Nob builds their own snow guns and has built a majority of the 302 snow guns they have on property. This winter, they’ll be able to make even more snow after they added over a mile of pipe underground, and added more power to the pump house, increasing their pump capacity by up to 20%.

“So what you're going to see here at Nub's Nob this year is even more snow making horsepower," Doornbos said. "So we’re hoping to get people on the slopes as early as we can.”

However, no matter how good the snow is, you also need good equipment.

“This year we got 1,000 pairs of brand new Nordica ski boots,” Doornbos said as he walked through the rental area, which also added new carpet.

With upgraded rental equipment and upgraded snow making ability, Nub's Nob is ready to kick of their 60th season even earlier than usual.

“We've got an incredible crew here," Doornbos proudly explained. "We’ve got some of the most talented snow makers I think you could ever find, and same with groomers... These guys are trained professionals. We are literally working around the clock right now watching that weather, and I want everybody who loves to ski in Michigan know we can not wait to get you guys on the slopes."

With the colder weather, Nub's Nob plans to open at least three runs this upcoming weekend November 18. Nub's Nob has also purchased new grooming equipment for the season.

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