Old toys with new features fill the shopping season

Old toys with new features fill this shopping season.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mi (WPBN/WGTU) — "Hot Wheels has been popular and this is the ultimate garage, it’s about as big as you can get," said Traverse City Toys R Us Store Manager Ray Dommer while showing off an item on this years Hot Toy List. "(It is) over three foot tall... 140 cars fill in this thing... so this would be like fun all day long,” Dommer said.

As Dommer shows us, some of this years hot toys are nothing new. Instead, they’re old favorites with a new twist… like the battery operated "Nerf Rival Nemesis," where you simply fill the canister and it fires automatically.

“The thing that is different about this is you definitely need to wear protective gear, the face masks and things," Dommer explained. "The balls that come out of this are very accurate and it shoots very very fast, and this one battery operated, it unloads the canister very very quick.”

Also popular is the Imaginext Bat Bot Extreme, fit with a three foot wingspan and shoulder cannons.

“He’s huge. He’s the size of a small child," Dommer said. "His wings come out, expand, he shoots two fisted action so he when you're behind him pushing a button, you're making his fists go in and out like the old rock 'em sock 'em robot.”

With a large selection of new toys to classic toys, Dommer says there’s something for everyone.

“Each child has a different thing that moves them and excites them," said Dommer. "These are just some toys that we think stand out and we’ve seen that but there’s so many other toys to choose from, there’s toys for everybody in this store."

You can find the full Hot Toys List HERE.

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