Overwhelming taco demand forces "catch up" day

Taco House decides to take a day to prepare for the next taco trip down memory lane.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Sitting in a booth in the Taco House restaurant that he has owned for the past 37 years, John Coscarelli finally is able to catch his breath after a whirlwind few days.

"We can't keep up, we can't cook enough to keep with the demand, which I am thankful for. I am very humbled by it and amazed that there is so many people that are coming out in droves to support us" explains John.

On Sunday, he announced he was closing his shop at the end of the year and easing into retirement. He didn't expect that the last 4 days since that announcement would be some of the busiest of his career. John says, "It just went crazy, we probably doubled the amount of business we do each day and the number of people we see each day."

How busy have they have been? Last night, he realized they were essentially out of food. Meat, produce and shells that usually lasted days were gone in hours. John says, "When I am back on the line making food, I do think about that and wow, I can't believe all the people that are coming in, it's just very humbling."

So, on Thursday, John made the decision to push pause, to close the restaurant, to take a day to let his employees restock the shelves, and prepare for the next rush of customers looking for a taco trip down memory lane. John says, "we have gotten calls from out of state, Indiana, Ohio, even as far away as Texas, a lot of them are kids that were raised here in Traverse City, that have grown up, moved away, but the still like to come to the restaurant when they are home visiting family."

They come back to Taco House because they know exactly what they are going to get. It's the same meal they ate years ago and often served up by the same employees. "I have such a great crew and all the people who have worked for me for over the years have done a great job for me" says John.

And John's also quick to point out that without these friends, who today are playing catch up with him, tomorrow’s rush never would have even been possible. John says, "Without my employees I couldn't have done what I have done and we couldn't be seeing the response that we are seeing."

Taco House will reopen on Friday.

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