Petition started to change name of VA Clinic

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GRAND TRAVERSE CO.-- Community members want to change the name of the Veteran's Affairs Clinic in Traverse City to honor Colonel Demas T. Craw.

The VA clinic is located off Airport Road.

Craw was a Traverse City native who was given the Congressional Medal of Honor after serving in World War II.

The Congressional Medal of Honor is the United States Military's highest honor, one that so far has only been given to 3,495 people since it was created in 1862.

Those pushing for the name change are now asking the community to get involved by signing a petition.

"And mainly because we realized that Col. Crawl has really been forgotten in our history and it's shocking when so many people here--I don't think I came a cross a single person who realize Traverse City had a Medal of Honor winner from the city," U.S. Army Lt. Col. Terry Hawn said.

Hawn says the name change process is 75 percent finished.

It will soon be going to Michigan U.S. Representative, Dan Benishek for review.

You can sign the petition by CLICKING HERE.

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