Hunters turning to phone apps in the field

Phone apps help hunters in the field

OTSEGO COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- This year, some hunters are turning to technology for help. While some of them are doing some final shopping before the opening of firearm deer hunting season, some are using tools right on their phones.

“We get a lot of questions here about the apps with GPS coordinating, and then everybody using the smart phones now and their apps, they’re using the GPS on their phones as well," said Kenny Slavens, the hunting manager at Jay's Sporting Goods in Gaylord.

Slavens says his favorite app for hunting is ScoutLook.

"Knowing where you are in a place that you haven’t been is always key, but when you can see the terrain and see the actual satellite photography of it, you might actually go to a place that you wouldn’t have tried before," said Slavens. "Because you wouldn't have known it was there."

Another similar app is HuntStand.

Link some of the others, you can check which direction the wind is blowing and where scents are travelling.

It can also show you which parcel of land you're on, if it's public or private and who owns it.

That's something the Department of Natural Resources says can help keep people out of trouble.

“We get quite a few complaints against trespassing, and so these apps that will help show private property as opposed to state property is huge," said DNR Lt. Jim Gorno.

While a lot of hunters are turning to these apps for help, plenty of them prefer the old-fashioned way.

“There’s a lot of guys that are that way, that don’t think you should have the cell phone apps or doing the cell phone," Slavens said. "You’ll see them walking around in here, they’ve got the compass pinned on their shirt, same way their dad taught them. Some of these things they think is kind of the cheating way to do it, but as technology grows, it’s the way of the world nowadays.”

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