Photo of a student holding a gun on campus causes school lock down

A male and female were in the photo and the male in the picture was to be holding a hand gun posing for the picture.

MECOSTA COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) – Ferris State University students and staff were on lock down following a photo posted on social media Saturday night.

The school took precautionary measures after police say two people on campus posted a photo on Snapchat of themselves holding a weapon. A male and female were in the photo and the male in the picture was to be holding a handgun posing for the picture.

Investigators notified students and staff about the lock down by text messages and emails around 6 PM Saturday.

Police were able to determine the female in the photo was a student at the university and the photo was taken in a dorm room on campus.

“There is a pretty elaborate alert process here on campus and so we started sending out the alerts,” said Ferris State University Police Chief, Bruce Borkovich at the same time we locked down the buildings that we could lock down and we sent a shelter in place process to all of our residence halls.”

The school lifted the lock down shortly after 7 PM Saturday.

“We were able to determine there wasn’t a threat,” Borkovich said. “This is a safe campus, we want to keep it a safe campus and don’t want anyone involved in anything that endangers themselves or the campus.”

The police chief says the female student was taken into custody on unrelated charges. She told officers her male friend in the picture with her left town earlier that day shortly after the picture was taken.

The school policy does not allow anyone other than a law enforcement officer to have guns on campus.

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