Police hope tattoos will help identify body found in plastic bag

Gratiot body tattoos.PNG

UPDATE: Gratiot County Sheriff's Office says they may have identified the man found by hunters in a large garbage bag in the ditch on Warner Road, they are waiting until the next of kin can positively identify him before releasing his name.

GRATIOT COUNTY, Mich. – The Gratiot County Sheriff’s Office hopes tattoos can lead to the identification of a man’s body found in Seville Township.

Two rabbit hunters discovered a bag containing a dead body Sunday in Gratiot County, according to Sheriff Doug Wright.

The body was found on property near Warner Road, just north of M-46 in Seville Township.

An autopsy showed the body to be that of a 5 foot 9 inch, 185 pound man between 60 to 70 years old with medium length thinning brown/grey hair.

The man appeared to have a recent injury to a finger or fingers on his left hand where the middle and ring fingers of this left hand were taped together.

He had two identifiable tattoos.

There is an eagle on his right shoulder.

On his left shoulder he has a tattoo of a skull wearing a cowboy hat and handkerchief.

The skull is bordered by the written states of Texas, Florida and Michigan.

Completing the boxed shaped border around the skull appears to be chain links.

Anyone with information about the man or his death is asked to call Gratiot County Sheriff’s Office at 989-875-5214.

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