Police investigating driver after 9-year-old killed in crash

Police investigating driver after 9-year-old killed in crash

EMMET COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- Police are investigating a crash that killed a 9-year-old boy and left his mother hurt on the side of a country road in Emmet County Wednesday night.

Broken glass and spray paint from the investigation are all that's left on the side of Maxwell Road in Springvale Township where the crash happened.

Police say it appears the woman and her son, Samuel, were walking their bikes on the shoulder of the road when a car going the same direction down the hill hit them from behind.

“The victims were transported to McLaren Northern Michigan in Petoskey," said Lt. Derrick Carroll from the Michigan State Police. "The mother was treated and later released. The son was transported to DeVos Children’s Hospital where unfortunately he passed away from the injuries.”

The driver left the scene after the crash, and someone else called 911.

“We heard the bang," said Nick Fettig, who was eating dinner on a porch nearby. "Her car sounded weird after, so we thought her transmission was messed up or something, but we didn’t really know what happened then we heard the fire trucks, the ambulance and cops show up.”

Neighbors say they saw that car drive by shortly after the crash, and the driver dumping something out of her car.

“She came flying up the hill, stopped maybe 20 yards from his driveway, got out," Fettig said. "We thought she was just like getting rid of some garbage or something, and then she tore off down the hill again and turned around and came back to the scene.”

Police say it's possible the 36-year-old woman could have been under the influence of both drugs and alcohol.

The investigation is still going on, and no one has been arrested.

“She was questioned, investigated and they are doing more today following up on that," Lt. Carroll said.

Police are still waiting on a toxicology report on the driver to know if she was under the influence.

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